L.A. Views

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 L.A. Views V featured 8 short plays set in the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest that followed the exoneration of four LAPD officers involved in the Rodney King beating. 

Video content, built in Adobe After Effects, was used to evoke atmospheric effects, and depict the chaos of the L.A. Riots. 

Video Design. 

L.A. Views VII: Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam was themed around a time-tested Los Angeles experience: the traffic jam. For this show, Company of Angels is at a new venue: the Los Angeles Theater Center. Each of the 8 short plays drew some connection to 'traffic', literally or thematically. 

The production touched on a broad range of topics, from toll roads, buses to human cargo. Animation created in after effects and footage of actual Los Angles traffic were used to introduce each play and create a through-line from piece to piece.  


Video Design and Set Design.