Hackney Shed is an inclusive and accessible performing arts group for young people based in the Borough of Hackney, London. I have designed Set and Costumes for several projects with their the Children’s Theatre ( ages 7-11), Youth Theatre (ages 11-16) and Collective (ages 16-25, with learning disabilities). As part of weekly rehearsals, I lead creative design workshops for the young people and work closely with facilitators to ensure each element of the design support the needs of the performers.

TERRA @ Royal Stratford East for National Theatre Connections Program (Hackney Shed Collective), Set, Video & Costume Design

D.N.A and Driving Force, Set Design @B-Six School (Children’s Theatre & Youth Theatre)

Out Of This Wold: Over the Moon and Beyond The Stars, Set & Costume Design @ B-Six School (Children’s Theatre & Youth Theatre)